Things To Do

As the sun rises over the beach at Peponi, local fishermen climb into their ngalawas – a traditional fishing dhow- and slide across the sunlit scene. Looking out onto the ocean, a substantial breakfast of local coffee, freshly baked bread and fruits signal the start of a new day.

The dhow-in-residence, ‘Pepi’ which is captained by Mwashonde, visits the Sand Island, an exquisite site emerging only for a few hours a day! Jump off the dhow for some snorkelling just before reaching the island and enjoying a picnic lunch!

Kayaks are available for rent from the camp for those keen to explore the surrounding area. For a more fast-paced activity, we also have a number of windsurfs available for rent!

It is also possible to organize fishing trips in the Pemba Channel. Snorkelling equipment is available for an exploration of the coral gardens near shore. For those keen to go deeper, Kasa Divers offer scuba diving further south of the camp.

As an actor within this undeveloped area, we wish to support in the development of business and care for natural resources. Therefore we have established connections with locals keen to offer services such as fishing trips, bird walks, Swahili lessons, piki-piki rentals and more.


Traversing the area may include trips around the local salt farm, Coelacanth Research Centre, Amboni Caves, Tongoni Ruins, the nearby mangroves and around Tanga as well as Pangani. It is also possible to arrange a boat trip down Pangani River. Amani Nature Reserve is a great day trip from the camp. We can organize local boats to travel to Zanzibar for those keen to make the journey by sea!

For an independent adventure, it is also possible to rent bicycles or piki-piki’s and design your own route around the area!

At the end of the day stroll along the unspoilt and safe beaches, explore the nearby mangroves, or relax in the warm waters. Watch the sunset over East Africa, and listen to the ubiquitous birdsong.

We work with a team in Pangani to offer a wonderful sunset meander down the Pangani River. With an incredible bird life, witnessing the daily work of fishermen and coconut collectors and the possibility of seeing crocs! Food and drinks are available for snacks and sundowners on the river!

There are a number of restaurants further south of Peponi as well as north, in Tanga. We are happy to offer recommendations and directions wherever you might want to go.