There are a number of banks and ATM’s in Tanga however there is not an ATM in the Peponi area, nor is there one in Pangani which accepts foreign cards. However, we do accept card payments at Peponi.
Yes, and yes. WiFi is available and it is free.
The Coelacanth is a unique type of fish which is both critically endangered and of huge scientific interest as they are the most primitive fish on earth. Coelacanths date back to when animals started moving out of the sea and populating land- pretty pre-historic!

Along the Tanga coast there is a sizable population of Coelacanths and this was only discovered in 2003 when fishermen started to catch them by mistake in deep-sea fishing nets. Since 2009 the Coelacanth Marine Park has existed with its headquarters based in Kigombe, the village next to Peponi.

Yes, we offer a reasonably priced laundry service, managed by our housekeeping staff. You will find laundry baskets in each banda and campers are welcome to approach any staff member about laundry requests.
For $1 per day you are able to access electricity at the campsite. This includes a light and a plug point.
In typical tropical fashion, we have two rainy seasons; the long and the short rains. The longer rains tend to take place in May and the shorter rains usually take place in November.
It is possible to find a fresh seafood, a selection of fruit and vegetables and eggs in Kigombe Village, 2km from Peponi. Any other shopping is best done in Tanga or Pangani where there are a number of shops and markets.
Day visitors are very welcome to visit Peponi, on the only condition that it’s for lunch, dinner or drinks rather than their own picnic!
Yes, with pleasure. We have a number of contacts in the area who run regular transfers by boat to Zanzibar. In addition, we are also able to organize transfers to Tanga airport.
Generally we ask all guests staying in bandas to pay a deposit at the beginning of their stay. This involves no bank charges and can usually make the whole process much easier.
Unfortunately malaria is a problem in the area. In order to manage this we recommend that guests make sure they have mosquito repellant spray and use it in the evenings. Further, some guests choose to take prophylactics. In the case that a guest fell ill whilst staying at the camp, there are a number of clinics and hospitals nearby that we can support visitors in accessing.