Kite Surfing


We have been lucky enough to discover a hidden gem in Tanzania. The north coast of the country is well off the beaten track usually only frequented by hardy travellers and overland explorers – but we’ve got a new breed of adventurers to add to the mix: kitesurfers.

The Spots

This spot is amazing, the wind here is stronger and more consistent than in Zanzibar, the coastline and kite-spots are varied and beautiful and the other kitesurfers are… well, nonexistent.

We have a perfect beach for learning in Pangani town – wide open space, cross-onshore winds and shallow water. We’ve also got a flat water lagoon spot in a little village called Morongo, we run amazing downwinders through Mangrove forests and we have a sand island right out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by flat water and reefs with breaking waves.

Come on over and learn to kite with us in this wild, unexplored corner of Africa where the conditions are world class and the only other water craft will be the local ngalawa dhows.

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The School

The season is short at the moment we’re opening from December 20th to February 20th to coincide with the Kaskazi monsoon winds.

In most cases it takes 12 hour of lessons to go from not knowing the first thing about kitesurfing to confidently taking to the high seas solo.

We usually separate the learning process into four x three hour lessons packed as close together as your free time, and the wind, allow.

Kite Lesson – 3 hours – $110

Full Kite Course – 12 hours – 4 classes – $370


All equipment provided is brand new 2017 kit.

All fully qualified Level 2 BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association) instructors.

Over the course of the lessons we’ll take you from basic theory and beginner kite flying, through the mechanics of flying big kites (essentially getting pulled when you want and not getting pulled when you don’t), all the way up to using the kite to pull you along on a board.


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