At Peponi we believe fully in the importance of securing biodiversity and fitting in, as far as possible, with the natural surroundings. Hot water is provided using the Kuni boosters; dead wood and leaves are collected and burnt, providing an eco-friendly solution to the desire for a nice, hot shower! Any structures and housing around Peponi have been built using locally-sourced materials and eco-friendly principles.

As is necessary in this part of the world, we also capture as much rainwater as possible which can then be used for cooking and washing. In terms of water Peponi is totally self-reliant, with access to a well, in addition to maximizing rainwater catchment.

Using Permaculture principles we are now working to cultivate our own fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices on site. As a wider part of our on-site shamba we are also developing a medicinal garden, a demonstration site based on natural medicines available in the tropics. We look forward to applying these principles in any future or further design of systems and structures at Peponi!

More recently, we have started a beekeeping project on the Peponi plot and look forward to serving our very own honey!

Furthermore, we are committed to recycling and using local processes in the decorating and renewal of communal areas at the camp. As an ongoing project, we are constantly developing and testing new ideas!


In September 2014 and March 2015 we worked with the Coelacanth Marine Park and Kigombe Village to organize a series of awareness-raising lectures at local schools, initiating conversations around the impact of over-fishing and in particular, the damage caused by dynamite fishing in the area. These lectures were followed by an extensive beach clean-up with efforts made by local school children, village members, volunteers and Peponi staff!

We plan to maintain this action at least on a twice-yearly basis and to find more and more ways of connecting with local stakeholders to promote conservation efforts. Click below to see our certificate from Ocean Conservancy for work done in the local community.


Extending these ideas, we are committed to the protection and conservation of the marine area and look forward to developing projects in support of the natural surroundings in which we are so fortunately based.